Grasscape uses only the highest quality of Kentucky Bluegrass Nursery Sod cut fresh from the field and Installed on your property.  This is important since Sod is perishable and elements like sun and wind can dry the sod out making it unusable.  The sod is meticulously cared for in the field with sun, water and fertilizer treatments.  This provides the thick denisty of the sod which makes it so appealing.  Once installed on your property, the sod will be looking for similar treatment to keep it healthy. 

Once the sod is installed it is important to water it immediately as it is in shock from being cut from the field.  The first watering is most critical as it needs to saturate right through the root structure.  After that its a matter of just keeping it moist.  Not letting it dry up and perish.  Generally it takes 7-10 days for the sod to fully root and it is advised to avoid heavy traffic on your new lawn as the sod can shift leaving gaps.  See Lawn Care for more details

Service / Installation

  First a site evaluation is required to determine whether there is a sufficient top soil base for the sod.  Measurement techniques we use to calculate the required amount of sod illustrated below,